Safe and reliable

  • At your finishline there will be a back-up line and a camera
  • The timing equipment is adapted to your needs in widths, sizes and placement
  • If you are in a wheel-worn race, the timing equipment stands beside, ie. no obstacles on the track

Personalised timing

  • Before your race we have personal contact with you and together decide the best arrangement for the timing
  • We will adapt the timing chip for your race and the placement of the chip on your participants in the best way

Get your results

  • Responsive result page direct to your phone
  • Result and tracking via the RaceOne-app
  • Special adaptations such as relay and team competition
  • Tracking, either estimation via interim times or Live via the RaceOne app
  • Live result prints on the race

You also get…

  • Your competition is unique in many ways, so we listen to your needs and wishes in order to make it as good as possible
  • Our equipment is flexible, any timing point can be extended or narrowed to suit the event
  • Your participants and their times are extremely important to us, they want us to deliver to 100%, therefore we have back ups in different ways to ensure a stable and high-quality delivery
  • The timing chip is selected depending on what kind of race, helmet, shoe, ankle, wrist, etc.
  • If you choose to order race bibs from us, a chip instruction is always printed on the back, this to ensure that the timing chip is set correctly by your participants and for the timing to work in the best way.
  • We attach your participants’ chip to the number tag or chip instruction to ensure that they get the correct chip and thus the right time


  • Responsive result page in your phone
  • Results and trackning via RaceOne-app
  • Tracking, either etimated time from split times or live from RaceOne-app
  • Customisation such as relay or team competition
  • Relay and team: Run relay with chip in baton, chip in race bib or on the shoe. Give your participants a team time and or individual times.
  • Printing results at the competition

RaceOne which provides both results management, GPS tracking and videos. It is a free app for both your participants but also you as the organizer if only the result management is used.

If someone wants to follow a participant, a cost will be charged. The advantage is that it is a great way to promote your race to others who use the app because your race will be pushed among current races as it begins to approach.

As an additional service, you as an organizer can also brand the app with sponsor logos and adapt it to your race.

Let’s build something together!