For you as organiser

  • Get your own admin page
  • Customize one or more registration pages
  • Send out newsletters to your participants
  • Export finished start lists to excel
  • Get continuous financial reporting

For your competitors

  • Secure payments
  • Simple personal or team registration
  • Direct registration, no account needed
  • Gets their name in the startlist immediatley after payment

For you with our time keeping

  • The startlist can be imported directly into the timing system
  • The registration system can be used for subsequent registration on the competition day. The registration never has to close

You also get…

  • As an organizer you get your own login where you can administer as much as you want
  • You can costumise the registration page with your own logos and sponsor logos.
  • In some cases, you may have companies and “private” participants that you may want to distinguish in the application process. This is done by creating two different registration pages and customizing them by addressing specific questions, selling selected items etc. to them. The participants are gathered in the same starting list.
  • Do you want your participants to be able to follow the registration situation, you will get a link to your start list that is live. As soon as someone has signed up and has approved payment, this is shown in the list.
  • Do you have sales of t-shirts, lunches, parking etc. it works great in the system. This way you avoid the handling of cash on the spot
  • If you have time with us, you can use Entrysystem even after registration, right up to the first start. Then we enter your start numbers in the system which then assigns the next available number to the participant who signs up. Your participants sign up and pay as usual via the registration link and receive a confirmation with the start number immediately. They can then go directly and retrieve their license plate and or chip and then go to the start.

Let´s build something together!