Lidingöloppet is a terrain race that is held on Lidingö every year since 1965. The Lidingöloppet is today the world’s largest terrain running race and Neptron have had the time keeping since 2005. This year almost 40.000 runners showed up to be a part of the race!

Red Bull Neptune Steps

The tough swim-climb race had participants swim and climb their way through 900 meters of cold water and obstacles. With 28.8m‘s of vertical climb over 11 canal locks, Red Bull Neptune Steps pushed the participants to their absolute limits.




The world’s largest exercise bike race. Vätternrundan is an experience for everyone! 300 km around Lake Vättern places its demands on the almost 23.000 participants who gather annually for what we want to call a bicycle party. Neptron have had the time keeping on Vätternrundan since 2011.