Choose size and paper

  • Black and white or 4-colour print
  • Print your sponsors on the bib
  • We offer several diffrent types of paper
  • Choose if you want to pin them, paste them or attach with straps

Customise your bib

  • Print the participants name of the bib
  • Give the classes a color that makes it easier for staff on the track and speaker
  • Give your participants a neat starting envelope with logos and names printed

For you with time keeping

  • Choose to have the chip on the number bib for easy handling of chip on participants
  • On the back of the bib there is always a chip instruction that helps your participants attach the timing chip correctly for all our different chip alternative

You also get…

  • Do you have your own layout, we print it for you!
  • Do you have logos but no ideas we put together a proposal for layout and with your thinking we together come up with a good layout.
  • If you have several different classes, you can select separate number series and colors to separate them.
  • If you sell t-shirts and the participants have a hard time remembering which t-shirt they ordered, we can print it on the number tag to facilitate pick-up.

Let’s build something together!